Lifetime entrepreneur Helena Mykhaylova opened her first Blesk jewelry store in beautiful downtown Palm Beach in 2012. The store features both modern and classic jewelry that delivers glamorous accents for everyday wear or special occasions. What is surprising about the jewelry line at Blesk –designed by Helena – is that the items resemble the highest quality jewels but are actually quite affordable. The high-end travel jewelry line is produced from the finest cubic zirconium materials and other semi-precious jewels to achieve the shimmer and brilliance that is typically only seen in expensive, precious stones. “The ‘jewels’ are so real that even experienced gemologists have to take a second look” Helena points out. 


The Blesk name comes from the Russian translation of ‘sparkle’ or ‘glimmer.’  Helena, originally from Ukraine, has always had an eye for things that are glamorous and this interest developed into the Blesk business venture. In her twenties she was involved in designing fashionable dresses and continued along this path of beauty and style. Years later her passion would see her arrival to Palm Beach, Florida where she used her creativity in the making of fine jewelry. A market for affordable yet aesthetically brilliant jewelry would soon emerge and Helena then capitalized on creating silver jewelry using the same techniques as more precious metals yet with more reasonable materials. These obtainable jewels are the staple of the Blesk name but the boutique store also caters to high-end clientele with popular items such as their South Sea baroque pearl collections.

Blesk Jewelry stores are located in downtown Palm Beach, FL at 350 S. County Road, Palm Beach, FL 33480 next to two of the Island’s most popular restaurants Buccan and Imoto, with their second location at 313 Worth Ave.B next to the legendary Bice restaurant. Contact Blesk at 561-253-3000 or by email at info@bleskjewelry.com

Lifetime entrepreneur Helena Mykhaylova