Sparkling diamonds, royal amethysts, glittering sapphires, iridescent peridot.

Those jewels and more are all yours set in stunning, unique designs. But

shhh….they’re not the real thing, but no one will ever know. Here’s why:

BLESK Jewelry takes the finest quality cubic zirconium and other stone

composites and with the newest laser-light technology, cuts and shapes them to

achieve a brilliance typically only seen in expensive, precious stones. The laser

technology, unlike the machine process used by other jewelers for years, draws

in and reflects light for glittering results. – The “jewels” are so real even

experienced gemologists have to take a second look. These laser-cut stones are

then each hand set into exceptional BLESK designs.

The result – affordable jewelry royalty would be proud to display. Sapphire

earrings cascading like waterfalls…Tahitian black pearls enveloped by soft

petals…the simplicity of pink sapphire eternity bands…black diamond starfish

pendants… contemporary twists in jewelry that are cause for conversation.

Browse our gallery, choose designs for everyday wear, for worry-free travel, to have “gems” to match every outfit, or to sparkle on special occasions.

From Palm Beach and Paris, to Monte Carlo, Venice and more, BLESK Jewelry

is beautifully adorning those in the know. It’s our little secret.