Travel Jewelry - The Basics

Summer is here! Folks around the country are packing their bags and taking off for exotic and popular vacation spots. Some of us have spent months in the gym getting our summer bods ready and when packing bags for the getaway we make sure pack some good looking threads. Trips are great opportunities for great photographs so of course we want to look our best! But do you bring your fine jewelry to accentuate your vacation wear? It's a tough decision. But vacation jewelry is the answer you are looking for.

Any lady who owns jewelry gets attached to it. Perhaps it was given to you by a beloved family member or a significant other. Jewelry is usually associated with a powerful memory and as such holds great value in our hearts. When going on vacation, the rules change. We often have to decide whether to take such heirlooms with us. There is an inherent risk with travelling as tourists are often targeted by opportunistic criminals. The piece may have have too much monetary or sentimental value to risk bringing into a foreign land. You want to enjoy your trip not spend precious time on worry or additional security. That’s where Vacation Jewelry come into play.

Vacation Jewelry is jewelry that looks, feels, sparkles and shines like high quality jewelry but cost significantly less. These pieces are constructed with the same care and quality materials but usually gold or platinum plated instead of solid metals. Cubic zirconias are usually substituted for diamonds as well. Having some gorgeous vacation jewelry saves you fron having to ask yourself questions like these:

Q: Is my jewelry irreplaceable or emotionally valued?

A: Leave it at home, go get some vacation jewelry.

Q: Am I comfortable taking it off or leaving it in a hotel safe?

A: Leave it at home, and get some vacation jewelry.

Q: Will my outfits still pop and be amazing without this jewelry?

A: Leave it at home, get some matching vacation jewelry.

I personally never travel out of the country with my engagement and wedding rings. If you are nervous about your jewelry, you won't be able to relax and enjoy your trip. Even when it is on your person, you'll be worried it could fall off, and vacations usually involve some improvised adventure. So put those expensive heirlooms safely into your jewelry box and head over to the Blesk Jewelry online store. At you will find gorgeous vacation jewelry to wear for your special trip. All of our pieces are elegant and well priced. The untrained eye cannot tell the difference, so skip the risk risk and have fun!

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