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Diamondesque jewelry has an intriguing history. It was founded in the year 1937 by two German mineralogists. In any case, they didn't know about its true value at the time thus the mineral went numerous years before turning into the contender to real diamonds that it is today. In the 1970's, researchers in the Soviet Union led scientists discovered that the compound zirconium dioxide could be turned into dazzling cubic zirconia. It wasn't until 1977 that diamonesque started to be mass created in the adornments commercial center. The offers of things, for example, gold diamonesque studs started to soar as millions were stunned by this modest, yet flawless other option to jewels. In today's large online market, however, you can buy diamonesque online from the convenience of your own home and tap of your finger!

Diamondesque has been used in jewelry for over 40 years now. The public has continually been drawn to its sparkle and relative affordability. Diamonds used to be a symbol of status and power among the upper class of society throughout many cultures and many civilizations. But with diamondesque, you don't have to sacrifice an entire paycheck to get a sparkle that is actually brighter than most natural crystals! This of course has led to a big boom in the jewelry market. Diamondesque jewelry makes a great gift for individuals of all ages and unlike regular cubic zirconia it does not dull with age! That means 40 years from now it will be just as bright as it was the day you bought it!

In today's market you can buy diamonesque online with little effort. All of Blesk Jewelry's designs are hand crafted works of art using only the finest materials by skilled craftspeople who have done this for years. We also offer customer jewelry crafting. Bring your ideas and we can make your bling dreams a reality! Of course you can also look through our pre-made designs born from the genius of Lifetime entrepreneur Helena Mykhaylova. We make it super easy for anyone to buy diamonesque online. With earrings, rings, necklaces and even a bridal collection there is something for everyone with every budget!

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